Project Need

As Alberta continues to prosper, the province will need new supplies of electric energy produced from innovative technologies to meet the growing demand for electricity. Combined cycle power generation facilities, such as the one we are proposing, will provide efficient, reliable on-demand power for Albertan's.

The development and operations of the Project will play an important role in the local economy by providing jobs during construction that will benefit the local and Indigenous communities, businesses and suppliers, as well as provide a base of additional tax revenue to Yellowhead County.

It is anticipated the facility will take three years to construct, employing approximately 700 workers at the peak of construction.

  • The anticipated work effort is expected to be almost 2,000,000 man-hours in the local area.
  • The total capital investment associated for the Project is anticipated to be approximately $1.5 Billion. 
  • Once operations commence, more than 20 direct, long-term skilled jobs will be created in the community.